Our Body Lotion is thick and smooth, designed to keep your skin soft and moisturised with deep hydration. 

Made with - Olea Europaea (Fruit oil) naturally rich in vitamins A and E, prevents loss of moisture and give a silky smooth softness.

Organic Jojoba Oil moisturises skin, has antibacterial properties, boosts skin's glow, fades fine lines and wrinkles, helps with eczema.

Sweet Almond Oil improves complexion and skin tone, treats dry skin, improves acne, helps reverse sun damage, reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Wheat Germ Oil high in vitamin E helps in building collagen.


How to use: Apply on clean dry skin, for external use only.

Stress-less Body Lotion 200ml

100 Milliliters
  • Stress-less is an aromatherapy lotion made with natural essential oils. Breathe in Patchouli and Sweet Orange with an infusion of Grapefruit and Bergamot.

    Stress-less essential oils blend, when inhaled, allows scent receptors in the brain to emotionally balance your mood, helping to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.